Embroidery Service

Embroidery projects begin with a name, logo, or piece of artwork. Through a special software, the artwork is “digitized” which means it can convert at 2-dimensional artwork into a specific count or stitches and thread.

The digitizing computer software allows our embroidery machines to embroider (stitch) the logo/design repetitively onto one or various garments.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Important things You should know before place an order.

What is the minimum amount for embroidery?

ONE piece. Unlike competitors, Sew It All has no minimum items for embroidery.

What is the cost four embroidery?

Embroidery costs depend on how many stitches the design has and how long it takes to embroider the design on the garment. The average cost for a small logo isis between 10  between $10-$15 per piece while larger designs can start at $25.00.

How do I send a design for embroidery?

You can ou can send us an email to info@sewitallmiami.com with your logo or design. You can send it on a PNG, PDF, JPEG, or any high resolution format. If you don’t have a high resolution format don’t worry we could help you out. After we receive your logo an instructions on size and placement we would then start the process of digitizing the design.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process where a special software converts the design into a specific format that embroidery machines reads. This file will have the thread count, sequence of the thread, and color jumps. This basically means the design is turned into a file that allows the embroidery machine can then do the magic.

How much is digitizing?

Digitizing has a one time fee of $45.00. After this, the design will be yours and it could then be used for future orders with no extra fees for design. It can also be resized at no cost. The digitizing is on us when you purchase through us 48 pieces or more.

How do I choose the color for the thread?

You could send us the Pantone color for each color of your design and we would try to match it exactly or as close as possible to the Pantone color. If not, we would try matching the thread color as closed as possilbe to the design. If that doesn’t work we would then contact you and send you our in stock thread so you could choose from.

Can I return an order?

Yes you can. We would only accept returns if there is an error on our behalf like if we choose the wrong size, color of thread, design, placement, etc.

Can I cancel my order? If so, would I get my money back?

Yes you can cancel your order within the first 3 business hours of order being placed. If the 3 business hours have been past and you still want to cancel, give us a call at 305-205-4920 to check if your order has not started being printed. We will return 100% your money if we haven’t started printing your design. If we have start we would only be able to return 50% off the order amount.

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